The RoadTrend is the premier workhorse for congestion data collection! Designed to optimize the collection process, the RoadTrend can collect over 250,000 records per hour, providing a new benchmark in performance. The compact data collection device needs only power, communication and a 2.4 GHz antenna.


The RoadTrend and BlackCompass use Wifi data collection technology which provides continuous scanning at intersections. These advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) sensors set a new standard in passive traffic data collection by perfecting the use of Wifi. Higher sample rates translate to more accurate origin - destination, more reliable travel-times and higher quality data. Collecting up to 250,000 records per hour at a sampling at a rate of 30% - 55%, Acyclica technology provides traffic information at over 95% accuracy in real time. Acyclica is setting new standards for traffic data collection.

Passive Data Collection

Unlike Bluetooth, which relies on an interrogation and response for collecting data, Wifi is completely passive meaning that the sensor only listens. Passive data collection eliminates the possibility of interference with other 2.4Ghz equipment such as wireless radios or other access points.

*Dedicated Scanning

The RoadTrend maximizes data capture by scanning for only Wifi devices.

*Signal Strength Filtering

Scanning sensitivity can be dynamically adjusted by limiting the signal strength of detection.


MAC (Media Access Control which is a unique identifier) address hashing can take place on the RoadTrend to maintain privacy.

*Simple Integration

An advanced application program interface (API) is available for users interested in integrating with existing systems.

*Web Interface

Each RoadTrend has a built in web server for device management. Acyclica complies with both NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol) Center-to-Center and the Traffic Management Data Dictionary or TMDD v3.0 protocol as a means of supporting interoperability into a range of Advanced Traffic Management System or ATMS systems.