Black Compass

Similar to its older brother, BlackCompass is designed to be a user-friendly and highly incisive ITS tool. Fueling a vast array of applications (from travel-times and delay calculation to Origin-Destination and signal coordination testing), there is nothing else out there that can provide the robust results and ease of integration that Acyclica’s BlackCompass offers.

How Does It Work?

There are many Wifi-enabled devices out there including mobile phones, tablets, laptops – even vehicles with their GPS navigation systems all of which already meet protocols for the wireless transmission of data. Each of these technologies transmit a unique identifier called a MAC (Media Access Control) address. BlackCompass anonymously scans and collects these identifiers, matching them from point to point, providing highly stable, accurate, and reliable travel times, along with the ability to analyze traffic flows at an unprecedented level of detail.

Simple XML Data Interface

Communicate with BlackCompass using open XML schema for easy integration. Use either Acyclica’s data manager or third-party tools to calculate travel times and create reports.


Acyclica uses an advanced MD5 algorithm to hash MAC addresses to ensure the privacy of users. Devices can be matched from point to point but never unscrambled to reveal the original device ID.

Going Green

Consuming 20 times less energy than a standard light bulb, Acyclica’s BlackCompass is designed to conserve energy. BlackCompass draws less than three Watts and, if desired, uses solar power for true wireless deployment (optional).

Network Integration

Keeping track of your Acyclica BlackCompass network is simple! As a network enabled (wireless or wired) device, the BlackCompass can be quickly and easily integrated into your IT infrastructure.