Legacy products

Acyclica’s Blue, Black and CrossCompass sensors simplify traffic analysis. Much more than simple origin - destination tracking devices, this new technology empowers users to sample traffic data across entire networks rather than just corridors. Our Compass sensors can be affordably deployed at intersections throughout a city. Traffic flow analysis, previously cost prohibitive, is now inexpensive, accurate, and routine.

How Do They Work?

There are many Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled devices out there including mobile phones, cameras, laptops – even vehicles with GPS navigation systems. Each transmits a unique identifier called a MAC (Media Access Control) address. Our Compass sensors anonymously scan and collect these identifiers, matching them from point to point, providing highly stable, accurate, and reliable travel times, along with the ability analyze traffic flows at an unprecedented level of detail.

Simple XML Data Interface

Communicate with Compass devices using XML for easy integration. Use either Acyclica’s Analyzer software or third-party tools to calculate travel times and create reports.


Acyclica uses the SHA-256 algorithm to hash MAC addresses which changes every day to ensure the privacy of users. Devices can be matched from point to point but never unscrambled to reveal the original device MAC address.

Going Green

Consuming 20 times less energy than a standard light bulb, at 5 Watts, Acyclica’s RoadTrend is designed to conserve energy!

Network Integration

Keeping track of your Acyclica device on the network is simple! As a network enabled device, the RoadTrend can be quickly and easily integrated into your IT infrastructure.