Monitor and Optimize Infrastructure Performance

The DA-300 provides unprecedented abilities to monitor your infrastructure. From the components within your cabinets, up to the performance of your road network as a whole, you have the data you need to optimize the performance of your infrastructure. This ground-breaking piece of hardware and its accompanying software is the result of years of collaboration between Acyclica, Eberle Design Inc., and Reno A&E.


  • Get email alerts when critical failures occur in your traffic cabinets
  • Anticipate failures before they occur
  • View historical data to pinpoint failures
  • Cell modem provides connectivity without running expensive fiber to cabinets
  • Sync Pulse keeps all of your intersections working together
  • Battery backup maintains communication in the case of a power outage


  • Acyclica Go’s powerful analytics including Travel Times, Origin Destination, Intersection Delay, and Progression Diagrams
  • Innovative new analytics combine traffic counts and travel times to provide insight into the performance of your infrastructure
  • Traffic congestion overlays provide a comparison between current and historical conditions at a glance
  • Find arrivals on red or green to optimize signal offsets
  • Captures detector activations that can be used for traffic counts

Flexible Connectivity Options

  • Controller communcation over SDLC, ethernet or serial port
  • 16 analog inputs allow the ability to monitor a variety of cabinet hardware
  • 20 digital inputs capture detector activations (16 detectors, 4 ped)
  • 8 auxiliary inputs for compatible detectors
  • Ethernet port can be configured to
  • Output for sync pulse
  • 5 band antenna covers - cell modem, GPS, BlueTooth, WiFi, and DSRC