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The traffic industry is changing. New technologies are being utilized in the traffic industry everyday. Work with Acyclica to grow this evolving market.

You Matter

Working with a small group, your voice matters. Help shape projects and work on business concepts.

Flexible Schedule

Work hard and take breaks as you need. We promote a creative workflow and want the highest quality products. You know how and when you work best.

Small Team

Work with a small specialized team that works on amazing projects. Specialize in one area and then get involved in every area of business.

Acyclica is the leading provider of high resolution, real-time traffic congestion information. We work with cities, municipalities and Departments of Transportation to collect and manage a combination of infrastructure and probe data to fill gaps left by traditional traffic data services. Acyclica is based in downtown Denver, Colorado.

At Acyclica you work with a small team of dedicated professionals in a fast paced environment, where everyone’s voice makes a difference. Acyclica also promotes a creative workflow. We trust you know how you work best, with a flexible work and time off schedule.