Smart Cities

  • Make Roads Safer
  • Reduce Congestion
  • Streamline Signal Timing
  • Monitor Cabinet Health
  • Maximize Infrastructure Performance


  • Safe Content Delivery
  • IOT for Infrastructure
  • Retail Site Selection
  • Out of Home
  • Origin Destination Trip Data

Our Company

Acyclica is the cloud layer for infrastructure, providing high resolution, real-time information about the way people move. Integration at the intersection level and sub-second latency enable vehicle to intersection (v2i) communication. Relevant analytics offer the information necessary to optimize infrastructure performance, making roads safer. Acyclica’s patented WiFi technology provides the high resolution data needed by adaptive signal systems. Cabinet health information including SPaT, controller and monitor data, and detector activations provide a holistic view of intersections and corridors. Industry-leading software and APIs allow for easy integration into existing workflows.

Promoting Safer Roads

To help drivers focus on driving, Acyclica is working on context aware content delivery. Notifications on mobile devices are suppressed until it's safe to read and respond. Safe content delivery makes better drivers and safer roads.